About Guglielmo e Stephanno
Guglielmo e Stephanno established their company in New York in 2017 to offer women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds a timeless selection of beautifully crafted and functional handbags and accessories, with first-class customer service.

Each individual piece of the Guglielmo e Stephanno collection of accessories requires the painstaking work of dedicated skilled female artisans, superior-quality materials, ethical manufacturing values, and the passion to design pieces inspired by the naturally elegant and practical women for whom these creations are intended.

The competitive pricing of our fine collection rests on a business model that includes designing in-house, sourcing reliable and ethical suppliers, working directly with skilled artisans, by-passing nonessential marketing expenses and selling directly to our customers.

We trust that women from all walks of life will appreciate the craftsmanship of our striking leather goods and accessories as much as they will enjoy using them.

Our commitment to improving the quality of women’s lives goes beyond providing competitively priced objects of material beauty; we also want to help women elsewhere who are disadvantaged.

From 2024 onward, we aspire to begin dedicating a percentage of our profits to supporting and promoting initiatives that benefit the empowerment of women, the education of girls and care of the elderly in less developed countries, as well as fund research into Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cerebral palsy.

Ultimately, our customers’ patronage will allow us to fulfill our philanthropic goals, and their purchases will be linked to these goodwill projects.



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