The Guglielmo e Stephanno Brooch I and II


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Our brand symbol is the object of a stunning brooch featured in two versions: One with 19 embedded pearls and the other accentuated with a single pearl. An understated statement piece of allure and classic elegance.

  • Made with 24-carat gold-plated bronze, fresh water pearls
  • Encrusted with 4mm pearls
  • Dimensions : 2.7” L, 1.3” W
  • Safety-pin closure
  • Handcrafted in Colombia
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An Important Note About Our Jewellery and Accessories

Our quality jewellery and accessories, handcrafted from 24-carat gold-plated bronze, 24-carat gold-plated pewter and natural materials (tagua nut, freshwater pearls, turquoise, coral, onyx, leather), are unique. As a result, the colors, materials, proportions and finishes may to some extent differ from the pictures and information on the site.

Tagua nut is an environmentally sustainable material that comes from the palm species Phytelephas aequatorialis native to the rain forests of South America. Tagua trees produce several bushels of seed pods a year with up to 100 nuts per pod; these nuts are then harvested, dried, dyed and crafted into uniquely beautiful pieces of jewellery that never look alike. Tagua is also recognized as vegetable ivory, because its appearance, density and texture are similar to real ivory.

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